14 Benefits Of Jumping Rope Daily
If you haven’t picked up a jump rope in a while or you’re just afraid of looking silly at the gym here are a few reasons why jumping rope is one of the very best exercises out there.
Nov 28, 2023Devin Meek
The Great List of Jump Rope Rhymes & Skipping Songs - Elite Jumps
We've put a collection of our favorite new and traditional jump songs, rhymes and chants that help keep the cadence while skipping rope. Enjoy these double dutch jump rope songs with your friends and fellow jumpers! 
Nov 17, 2023Matt Hopkins
Best Jump Rope Music Playlists - Elite Jumps
Selecting the right music can have a huge impact on the outcome of your jump rope routine.  A song with a higher BPM (125+) is usually best for practicing things that require a higher level of exertion, like double unders or speed jumping.
Nov 10, 2023Jordan Lindstrom
How to Jump Rope: Top 6 Tips for Getting Started - Elite Jumps
If you’re new to jumping rope, or just considering dipping your toes back in for the first time since your days on the playground, here are our top five recommendations for quickly getting the hang of jump roping.
Oct 12, 2023Devin Meek
Best Jump Ropes for Fitness - Elite Jumps
As a fitness coach and a jump rope specialist I've used and experimented with hundreds of different varieties. Here's what I recommended you look for in a good, every day jump rope for fitness workouts:
Oct 14, 2022Jordan Lindstrom
Should I Jump Rope Before or After Weightlifting? - Elite Jumps
Read on as we help you decide the right order for your next workout routine, answering the question, “Should I jump rope before or after weightlifting?”
Sep 28, 2022Matt Hopkins

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