5 Strategies to Prevent Peeing While Jumping Rope
Has this ever happened to you? You “pee a little” when you jump rope or do double unders? What’s up with that? And how do you get it to stop? Here we’ll tackle the subject of peeing when you jump rope, and suggest five strategies to help you stay dry and confident during your workouts. 
May 17, 2024Devin Meek
Get expert tips on side swings while using the Muay Thai 3.0 rope, weighing 1.5 lbs for added intensity. Elevate your fitness game and enjoy the fun of jumping.Check out the Muay Thai 3.0 rope HERE
May 08, 2024Devin Meek
Is Jump Rope Bad for Your Knees?
Watch a jump roper jump, and you’ll quickly hone in on those knees. If you’re looking at jump rope as a new form of exercise or have been jumping but have sore knees, it’s a fair question to ask whether it’s bad for your knees. Great news: jump rope is not bad for your knees! If you’re jumping and having pain, several factors could be responsible.
Apr 09, 2024Kaylee Woodard
Does Jump Rope Increase Your Vertical?
Good news: jumping rope is an all-inclusive workout, and including a rope in your workout routine is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. This is especially true in areas like muscular strength and endurance, balance and coordination, and cardiovascular health. And what’s more, jumping rope during your workout improves your vertical jump over time in a number of different ways.
Apr 04, 2024Kaylee Woodard
Does Jump Rope Build Muscle?
There are a number of benefits to incorporating jumping rope into your usual workout routine, whether you're brand new to the exercise or already a consistent jumper. These benefits extend far beyond just building and maintaining muscle.
Apr 02, 2024Kaylee Woodard
How to Criss Cross Jump Rope
Thought jump rope was hard enough? You’d be surprised. For those looking to supercharge their activities, crisscrossing is a full-on, hard-pounding twist to traditional jump roping.
Mar 27, 2024Devin Meek

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