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About Our Double Dutch Jump Ropes

Incorporating Double Dutch into your training is a great way to spark some new life into your jump rope workouts. 

Our range of high-quality Double Dutch jump ropes are made right here in the USA and are perfect for high-level competition or playground use.

At Elite Jumps, we offer our custom Double Dutch ropes in both bead and PVC form, which you can customize the colors of, as well as choose a suitable length. We also offer various types of handles, including our most popular 5” core hande in plastic polymer or wood, all the way up to our 8” fit handle, so you can find precisely what you’re looking for.

All of our ropes come with a one-year money-back warranty. Within that year, if any issues were to arise, we're happy to refund, repair, or replace your rope - as well as cover the shipping. 

If you're eager to build-in Double Dutch into your workouts, you’ve come to the right place! Our ropes have been tried and tested - and they're trusted by gyms and teams across the world. Elite Jumps is sure to have the perfect rope for you!

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