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About Our Beaded Jump Ropes

Did you know beaded jump ropes are great for freestyle jumping, learning the rhythm, and for longevity (the beads are ultra-durable even on concrete)?

Elite Jumps offers a big selection of beaded jump ropes in many colors, sizes, and styles.

Beaded jump ropes boast a simple design that's great for beginners and champions alike. Made right here in the USA, we make products you can rely on – backed by our one-year warranty. 

There's a reason why Elite Jumps is trusted by the world's best jumpers in competitive jump rope and CrossFit. See the difference it makes for yourself!

Just getting started? No problem. We offer sizing and setup videos and even have a Facebook community so you can grow your skills. Plus, you can resize any of our options with ease to achieve your ideal length. 

With Elite Jumps, growing your skills is fun and easy – and it all starts with picking out the right gear.

Beaded jump ropes are an excellent choice for jumpers of all skill levels, and our selection offers a range of patterns so you can find one that best fits your style. Find your perfect beaded rope today and get jumping!

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