Jump Ropes for Everyone

About Us

We are a homegrown, specialty jump rope company from Wenatchee, WA. We make premium quality jump ropes used by the top jump ropers, CrossFit competitors and sports athletes in the world.

Our Idea

Make jump ropes the best athletes trust and want to use, and share those same jump ropes with everyday athletes, hobbyists and fitness enthusiasts who want a better jump rope experience.

Why We Exist

We exist to help people unlock a movement mindset (#movementmindset) through jump rope.

Pro Approved

Beginner Friendly

How We Started

Elite Jumps was founded in 2016 by a former competitive jumper and coach to numerous national and world jump rope champions. His goal from the beginning was to develop products that enable competitive jump rope athletes to excel at the highest levels of their sport.

Top Rated Products

Trusted By World Champions

Equipping athletes

We make (humbly) the best jump ropes in the world.

Employing Local Workers

Most of our jump ropes are made here at our warehouse in Wenatchee, WA. We also work in close partnership with the Amigos, a group of five adult men with developmental disabilities who we employ to make our beaded jump ropes.

Encouraging a Movement Mindset

We serve our customers through our USA customer service team and a team of professional jump rope coaches.

Educating New Jumpers

We create high value educational resources that help people build skill and confidence in jump rope.

Customer Promise

Professional Quality

Most retail store jump ropes are “throwaway” quality with stiff cords and break easily. Ours will stand the test of time, backed by a 1-year warranty. Premium materials that won’t break, rust or wear out.


We offer a wide range of resources from a downloadable app to a Youtube channel with live jump rope classes to help jumpers of all levels get better and learn new skills.

Easy to Set Up & a Joy to Use

Quick, adjustable sizing is a must for jump ropes. All of our jump ropes are easy to set up and get started with. We’ve thought of all the little details to make them a joy to use.