Jump Rope Sizing Guide

By default all of our jump ropes come with a 10 foot cord or cable, unless otherwise specified. This length of cord will fit anybody up to 6' 4" tall for general fitness jumping.

Longer cords and cables can be purchased separately.

Easily size down your 10ft cord/cable with scissors or cable cutters.

General Fitness: If you’re just getting started with a jump rope or simply want to burn a few calories, efficiency is no longer the goal but rather consistency. While you’re still learning to jump, you may need a bit more length in the rope. This extra length will allow you the space to make minor technique errors without causing misses. We recommend a height of 10” to 18” over your head. 

  • Goal: Consistency
  • Clearance: 10” to 18”

Speed & Double Unders: The goal with speed jumping is efficiency, which means you want the jump rope to travel the shortest distance possible with minimal effort. If your jump rope is too long, it will feel sloppy and take too much effort to turn. A shorter distance means a smaller gap between your head and the rope. You’ll want to aim for 4” to 8” to maximize your jump rope speed. 

  • Goal: Efficiency
  • Clearance: 4” to 8”

Freestyle: Jump rope tricks require a high level of control over the rope and the handles. Freestyle jump rope allows for the variance in recommended height because of the different paths the rope takes for tricks. Whatever length you’re most comfortable with is best. Typically, we recommend the rope be between 6” to 14” over your head. However, it is common to see ropes only a few inches over the heads of competitive freestyle jumpers. 

  • Goal: Control
  • Clearance: 6” to 14”