What Happened to Jump Rope for Heart? - Elite Jumps
Jump Rope for Heart was a fundraising and event program that for years was an annual events for elementary and middle schools around the world, with thousands of...
Feb 10, 2023Jordan Lindstrom
13 Fun Jump Rope Games for Kids - Elite Jumps
Looking for a few jump rope games to try with your PE class, jump rope team or after school group? Here are a few I've found...
Jan 18, 2023Jordan Lindstrom
5 Best Apps for Learning Jump Rope - Elite Jumps
When I started my first jump rope team back in the early 1990s Apple was still just a struggling computer company and jump rope was just...
Jan 01, 2023Jordan Lindstrom
What's Better? Beaded Jump Ropes vs PVC Jump Ropes - Elite Jumps
We get phone calls all the time from beginner rope jumpers asking whether they should start with a beaded or PVC ("licorice") jump rope. To new jumpers, it...
Dec 21, 2022Jordan Lindstrom
Best Jump Rope Workouts for Basketball Skills - Elite Jumps
Boost your basketball skills with these top-notch jump rope workouts. Improve agility, coordination, and endurance to dominate the court. Get started now!
Oct 24, 2022Jordan Lindstrom
Jump Rope Workouts for Soccer Training - Elite Jumps
For soccer players, agility is nearly as important as speed and strength. Luckily, increasing agility is not difficult. You don't need a lot of equipment or...
Oct 20, 2022Erisson Lima

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