How To Count Crossovers & Double Unders
Everyone aspires to master crossovers and double unders in jump rope, but it's also essential to know how to count the repetitions to assess your progress. Good news - if you’re combining double unders and crossovers, you won’t need a complex mathematical calculation to work out how you’re doing.
Feb 09, 2024Devin Meek
Why is Jump Rope Used in CrossFit?
CrossFit is a fitness program that looks beyond the gym to lifestyle and nutrition alterations but also involves working out hard. As part of these intense, functional workouts, jump ropes are crucial to pushing the ten core principles of CrossFit.
Feb 06, 2024Devin Meek
Jump Rope vs. Running: Which is Better for Cardio?
Jumping rope and running are great forms of cardio exercise. So, even though jump rope is better for cardio, running unquestionably has health benefits, too. In fact, it offers the same benefits and general goals as jumping rope.
Jan 16, 2024Devin Meek
Time-Based vs. Rep-Based Jump Rope Workouts
In the case of any workout, you should always do what feels best for you. Choosing between sets is a matter of preference, goals, propensity to injury, fitness level, age, and strength.
Jan 14, 2024Devin Meek
How to Stretch Before Jumping Rope: 5 Warm Up Stretches to Prevent Injury
It's difficult to overstate the importance of warming up for exercise. Jump rope is often used as a warm up for other forms of exercise and is a great way to get blood flowing to all the different muscles you'll likely be engaging. However, if jump rope is your exercise activity for the day, it is wise to do some dynamic stretching prior to getting started.
Jan 08, 2024Devin Meek
How to Straighten a PVC Jump Rope Cord
It's a common problem: kinks or memory coils in your PVC jump rope cord. Have kinks? No problem! This may sound extreme, but trust us: boil your rope.
Jan 05, 2024Matt Hopkins

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