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Oct 01, 2021Jordan Lindstrom

By William Holmes - Owner of Jump Rope Hub

So you’ve got your jump rope, it’s sized properly, and you’re ready to get to work. However, you’re not quite sure what the best music is for you to jump rope to.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The first, and most important thing to consider, is what you’re looking to do with your jump rope.

For example, are you looking to freestyle, are you looking to practice your double unders, or maybe you’re just looking to burn calories. Depending on your objectives, you’ll want to consider the pace or tempo (also known as BPM – “beats per minute”) of the music you’ll be listening to.

A song with a higher BPM (125+) is usually best for practicing things that require a higher level of exertion, like double unders or speed jumping. It’s also a great pace for practicing CrossFit.

For freestyle jumping, you may want to opt for music with a slightly slower tempo. A BPM of 110-125 will allow you to transition in and out of different moves and tricks, while still keeping a relatively solid pace.

When it comes to general fitness, the pace or tempo of your music can change depending on the level of your workout’s intensity. For a warm-up, you may want something a little slower. And alternatively, toward the end of your workout, you may want something more explosive. 

The pace at which you jump will ultimately determine how many calories you’re able to burn. Jumping at a faster pace, results in more calories burned. 

This is why selecting the right music can have a huge impact on the outcome of your jump rope routine.

We’ve included below an outline of each playlist, songs included, BPM, and how many calories you can expect to burn for each playlist (based on duration and BPM). However, without your bodyweight that number is only an estimate. For a more accurate idea of how many calories you can expect to burn, you can use this jump rope calories calculator.

Best Music to Jump Rope To Infographic

We hope you enjoy these songs and find them beneficial to your routine.

We are always looking to grow and improve our resources. So, if there are any songs you think should be included in these playlists, or you’d like to share some of your favorite songs to jump rope to, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Fitness Playlist

This first playlist is a great choice for anyone looking to burn calories and wants a playlist to keep their energy high and their motivation strong! The first song has a BPM of 86 and is meant to get you warmed up. The BPM gradually increases with each song, finishing the workout with a BPM of 172. 

Playlist Features: 

  • Songs: 10
  • Duration: 32:15
  • Calories Burned: 457
  • BPM Range: 86-172
Fitness Jump Rope Playlist

    Freestyle Playlist (Pop)

    This next playlist is perfect for anyone looking to freestyle jump rope. With a fairly consistent tempo, this playlist is great for getting creative with your routine and mixing up your crossovers, double unders, and side swipes.

    Playlist Features: 

    • Songs: 10
    • Duration: 34:15
    • Calories Burned: 538
    • BPM Range: 110-125

    Freestyle Jump Rope Music Playlist (Pop)

      Freestyle Playlist (Hip-Hop)

      Another great playlist for you freestyle jumpers, this time with Hip-Hop songs!

      Playlist Features: 

      • Songs: 10
      • Duration: 31:15
      • Calories Burned: 491
      • BPM Range: 110-125

      Jump Rope Music Playlist (Hip Hop)

      CrossFit Playlist (Double Unders)

      This next playlist is great for anyone looking for something a little more upbeat. If you’re into CrossFit, or looking to crush some double unders, this playlist is for you!

      Playlist Features: 

      • Songs: 10
      • Duration: 35:45
      • Calories Burned: 634
      • BPM Range: 125-150
      CrossFit Jump Rope Music Playlist

        Speed Playlist

        If speed jumping is your thing, this playlist is for you! All the songs in this playlist have a BPM of 160 or higher! If you’re up for a challenge, try and complete one rotation for each beat. 

        The world record, if you’re curious, is 228 jumps in 30 seconds. That would translate into a BPM of about 456!

        Playlist Features: 

        • Songs: 10
        • Duration: 42:30
        • Calories Burned: 749
        • BPM Range: 160-220
        Speed Jump Rope Music Playlist


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