Tips to Extend the Life of Your Jump Rope - Elite Jumps
Through my many years as an athlete, coach and physical educator, I have come across several helpful tips for making your cable jump rope last longer....
Feb 21, 2023Jordan Lindstrom
Best Jump Rope Workouts for Basketball Skills - Elite Jumps
Boost your basketball skills with these top-notch jump rope workouts. Improve agility, coordination, and endurance to dominate the court. Get started now!
Oct 24, 2022Devin Meek
Jump Rope Workouts for Soccer Training - Elite Jumps
For soccer players, agility is nearly as important as speed and strength. Luckily, increasing agility is not difficult. You don't need a lot of equipment or...
Oct 20, 2022Erisson Lima
Top 10 Jump Rope Tricks: Beginner to Advanced - Elite Jumps
We just finished wrapping up an incredible weekend! If you didn’t know, this past weekend we held our very first Jump Rope Weekend. We saw people...
Sep 23, 2022Devin Meek
A Simple Experiment to Improve Your Double Unders - Elite Jumps
Why is it that so many people can get 1 …. 2 …. maybe 3 double unders in a row, but struggle to string together a whole set? It is such a joy to see athletes try this simple experimentation and finally get it!
Jul 13, 2022Jordan Lindstrom
3 Methods for Increasing Your Speed Skipping Scores - Elite Jumps
Here are the three primary techniques I preach when people ask me how to increase their skipping speed.
Jun 01, 2022Jordan Lindstrom

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