How to Teach Your Kids to Jump Rope - Elite Jumps
When you teach a child to jump rope, you're not just spending quality time bonding over a shared hobby. You’re building the foundation for a lifetime of physical wellness.
Oct 02, 2023Matt Hopkins
What's Better? Beaded Jump Ropes vs PVC Jump Ropes - Elite Jumps
We get phone calls all the time from beginner rope jumpers asking whether they should start with a beaded or PVC ("licorice") jump rope. To new jumpers, it...
Dec 21, 2022Jordan Lindstrom
Jump Rope Workouts for Soccer Training - Elite Jumps
For soccer players, agility is nearly as important as speed and strength. Luckily, increasing agility is not difficult. You don't need a lot of equipment or...
Oct 20, 2022Erisson Lima
Best Jump Ropes for Fitness - Elite Jumps
As a fitness coach and a jump rope specialist I've used and experimented with hundreds of different varieties. Here's what I recommended you look for in a good, every day jump rope for fitness workouts:
Oct 14, 2022Jordan Lindstrom
Online Jump Rope Coaching Programs - Elite Jumps
If you're having trouble getting the hang of jumping rope, or if you'd just like to improve you skills, start with an online training program or coach. These jump rope coaches have spent thousands of hours practicing and teaching jump rope, and have developed programs and strategies for helping you quickly develop your skipping skill.
Oct 12, 2022Jordan Lindstrom
Top 10 Jump Rope Tricks: Beginner to Advanced - Elite Jumps
We just finished wrapping up an incredible weekend! If you didn’t know, this past weekend we held our very first Jump Rope Weekend. We saw people...
Sep 23, 2022Devin Meek

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