CLEARANCE: Cloth Double Dutch Jump Ropes (Set of 2)

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    Discontinued item on sale while supplies last.

    Sold as a pair of 14ft ropes.

    An easy-to-control pair of 8mm double diamond braided polycord double dutch ropes. These are the "ropes of choice" for competition and double dutch training. It is just the right weight and material for use in top competition or playground use. 

    • 14' ropes are used for pairs (two jumpers inside the ropes)
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Custom Jump Ropes

Customer Reviews

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Donna Clary (Tuscaloosa, AL, US)

Donna C

Chad Oliver (Raleigh, NC, US)

Competition Cloth Double Dutch Jump Ropes (Set of 2)

Katherine Reisinger
Quality at a good price

I’m so glad I found this company. Such an easy process to find just what I was looking for!

Anand Maliakal
Double Dutch Ropes

We used the ropes separately at first and the two colors made it easier for the kids to get into the pattern. Once we transition to using both the dual colors should make it fun and lead to greater success in achieving more jumps. Thanks for the great customer service.