4 Best Jump Ropes for CrossFit (2023) - Elite Jumps
In my 20+ years as a jump rope competitor and coach I've worked with thousands of athletes looking to improve their skill with double unders. I get asked all the time for my recommendation on jump ropes for CrossFit. 
Jan 04, 2024Matt Hopkins
Mastering Double Unders: The Right Technique - Elite Jumps
The right jumping form for double unders is not terribly different from a basic bounce or single under. However, we see people struggle with double unders because they overcompensate for poor jump rope control by trying to jump higher. This leads to a few common mistakes in jump form and landing we will address in this article.
Nov 01, 2023Dan Cox
Why Double Unders are the Ultimate Cardio Workout - Elite Jumps
A primer on why double unders are the ultimate cardio workout. This challenging jump rope technique not only improves cardiovascular endurance but also enhances coordination, agility, and calorie burn. Discover the benefits of double unders and how they can transform your fitness routine.
Oct 14, 2023Jordan Lindstrom
10 Advanced Jump Rope Techniques for Your Workout - Elite Jumps
If you’re looking for a few new moves to add to your sequence, check out these 10 advanced jump rope workout techniques that will have you sweating — and reaching your fitness goals — in no time.
Oct 04, 2023Devin Meek
How to Master the Double Under Cross - Elite Jumps
The post "How to Master the Double Under Cross" on Elite Jumps provides valuable tips and techniques to improve the skill of double unders with a cross. It offers step-by-step guidance and useful drills to help athletes master this advanced jump rope maneuver effectively.
Aug 17, 2022Jordan Lindstrom
A Simple Experiment to Improve Your Double Unders - Elite Jumps
Why is it that so many people can get 1 …. 2 …. maybe 3 double unders in a row, but struggle to string together a whole set? It is such a joy to see athletes try this simple experimentation and finally get it!
Jul 13, 2022Jordan Lindstrom

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