7 Jump Rope Resolutions for 2022

Jan 10, 2022Jordan Lindstrom

Who doesn’t love a good New Year’s Resolution!?

As we approach the end of the year, we often find ourselves thinking about all the things we want to accomplish in the new year. Stop drinking, read more, lose weight, etc., etc. 

While these are all awesome goals, how often do we actually follow through on accomplishing them?

Setting goals is easy. It’s the keeping yourself accountable part that many of us struggle with. Having an accountability partner can be a game changer. 

This year, consider making Elite Jumps your accountability partner! Tag us in your goals and we’ll make sure to follow up with you throughout the year.

What’s in this Article?

Here at Elite Jumps we figured its time we shake things up and create some resolutions we can get excited about, some resolutions that will get us out of bed in the morning!

These are our top 7 jump rope resolutions to kick off your new year!

We’ve also included some tips on how to set yourself up for success and hit your goals. 

Additionally, for more inspiration, see the end of the article. We’ve included some New Year’s resolutions from some of our favorite jump rope athletes!


Setting Yourself Up for Success

Setting a challenging but obtainable goal is critical for ensuring your success. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is by breaking those goals down into smaller, more digestible mini goals.

For example, maybe you’re looking to be more consistent this year. You might consider setting a goal to complete a 30-day jump rope challenge

As opposed to committing to jumping rope every day for 12 months, you’re committing to jumping rope daily, for 30 days. This is going to be easier to manage, initially, and more often than not it will lead to increased consistency throughout the year.

Or maybe your goal is to add more tricks to your repertoire. Instead of focusing on all the new tricks you want to learn throughout the year, consider committing to learning one new trick per week.

Focusing on one trick at a time will be significantly more manageable. It also requires you to switch things up weekly, forcing you to add variety into your routine. 

Variety is key for creating a sustainable routine or habit.

Whatever you decide your goals are for the year, we want to encourage you to push yourself, persevere, and Do Hard Things! Let us know what your resolutions are for 2022. And if you accomplish them, we would love to send you a gift!

Our Top 7 Jump Resolutions for the New Year

1. Consistency Is Key

Keeping a consistent jump rope schedule can be incredibly challenging. Between work, family, and a social life, finding time to jump rope every day can seem impossible.

One of the best ways to overcome this is by committing to a jump rope challenge.

This year, consider kicking off January with a 30-day jump rope challenge.

There are many variations to this challenge, but at its core you commit to jumping rope every day, for 30 days. At the end of those 30-days, you’ll find that jumping rope is no longer a chore, but rather a habit you enjoy.

2. Speed Things Up

Maybe you’ve mastered the basic step, you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve, and your freestyle routine is on point. This is a great place to be. However, it’s easy to get comfortable and stop there.

Consider mixing things up and make speed jumping your focus for the new year.

Take one movement, whether that be the basic jump, double unders or crossovers, and see how many you can complete in a given time. Thirty or sixty seconds is a great place to start.

Each week, make it your goal to beat your record from the previous week!

3. Find a Jump Rope Buddy

One of the best ways to ensure you keep a consistent jump rope schedule and hit your goals is by finding someone you can jump with. A jump rope buddy, or an accountability partner, can be a game changer!

Think about who that someone might be for you and schedule time to jump rope together, weekly.

The chances that one of you bails, or you skip a workout all together, is significantly less likely when you have someone to hold you accountable. Jumping rope is also a lot more enjoyable when you have someone to skip with.

4. The Dreaded Double Under

Learning the double under, for many of us, is a lot easier said than done. I know for me; I had been jumping rope for years before I began practicing double unders.

If you’re still having trouble with your double unders, consider setting the goal of completing 100 double under every day, for an entire month!

Once you’ve mastered that, don’t stop there. Move on to resolution #5 and begin adding more tricks to your routine.

5. New Tricks

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals and your comfortable performing the basic jump, it’s time to start learning and incorporating more advanced movements and tricks into your routine.

This is where things start to get really fun!

But, for many of us, its hard to know where to begin. There are so many tricks and variations out there that it can be a bit overwhelming. The best way to overcome this is by committing to learning one new trick at a time.

This year, consider picking one new trick each week and commit to mastering it! Check out these accounts for more inspiration.

6. Calories, Calories, Calories

While its not a new or groundbreaking concept, making your New Year’s resolution be to burn more calories can sometimes be a great motivator.

Often, its challenging to stay committed to a goal like that because we don’t have the tools or a strategy to execute on that goal. Fortunately, jumping rope makes burning calories simple.

Consider setting a goal of burning X number of calories each week with your jump rope. For a more accurate idea of how many calories you’re burning, check out this jump rope calorie calculator.

Set aside however much time you need each week to meet that goal and get after it!

7. Try Something New

One of the most common reasons for getting off track, not hitting your goals, or bailing entirely on your New Year’s resolution is setting a goal that doesn’t provide variety, a goal that doesn’t keep you engaged.

I can’t tell you how many times my New Year’s resolution was to run on the treadmill every day, then found myself two weeks into the new year not having set foot on a treadmill.

Consider picking one new thing each month and commit to practicing it weekly. Switching things up with a weighted jump rope (like the Muay Thai heavy drag rope) is a great place to start!

Or, for example, one month you might pick up Double Dutch, another month you might commit to mastering a new freestyle routine or enter yourself in a jump rope competition, like the Jump Rope Games.

Keep things interesting and try something new!

Additional Inspiration 

We connected with some of our favorite jump rope athletes and asked them what their resolutions are for the new year. If these don’t get you inspired, I don’t know what will!

Geraldo (@geraldo.alken)

  • Focus on learning at least one new trick/combo per session
  • Jump rope at least 5x per week
  • Post one new YouTube video/tutorial each week
  • Engage in more challenges with the community

Kaydee (@kaydee.jumps)

  • Get more comfortable with backwards jumping
  • Learn leg crosses
  • Continue practicing her double under switch cross
  • Be more intentional with her rest days, and listen to her body more
  • Have fun and not take herself too seriously!

Marco (@maestroworkout)

  • Create tutorials for weighted jump rope
  • Offer jump rope classes in London
  • Perfect at least one new challenging skill per month
  • Get more non-jumping friends involved and up to speed

Celina (celina.jumps)

  • Continue to develop her performance skills
  • Level up her power skills
  • Return to teaching in person at workshops

Claire (@jumprope_revival)

  • Recover from her knee injury and start jumping again
  • Get back into cardio and muscular jump rope shape
  • Get her IG, FB, and YT channels back up and running with tutorials and workouts
  • Focus on positivity, blessings, and devotions

Tori (@snorib)

  • Help grow the sport of jump rope
  • Educate new jump rope fans on the sport
  • Increase participation at a sport level, not just fitness


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