Bullet COMP® - Speed Rope

"The Bullet COMP has to be the best handle, for double unders, that I have seen in 15 years of coaching high performance sports and ...
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$ 75.00
$ 75.00

Athlete Approved

Used in competition by the top speed jumpers and athletes in the world including Kyra Milligan.

  • Product Features


    Our fastest speed rope, designed for athletes who want that extra edge in competition.

    Dual steel ball bearings in each handle deliver a smooth and rapid spin, ideal for competitive speed jumping, double under WODs, and intense workout sessions.

    What's included:

    Quick and Easy Adjustments: The patented head design not only facilitates quick resizing but also makes cord replacement hassle-free, without the need for an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Quickly size your jump rope to the optimum length with patented self-adjusting head. Cords come at 10ft length (long enough for anyone up to 6'4"). Find your optimum length, tighten down the head, and clip the excess cord. 

    *U.S. Pat. No. 10,6

    Optionally purchase colored cables separately. These handles do not accept cables thicker than 2.4mm.



    - 2x HANDLES: 5.5" (14cm) long / 1oz (30g) weight / anodized aluminum / knurl grip
    - JOEY BAG: Convenient and compact storage of cables and handles.
    - 2.4mm NYLON COATED CABLE: Standard 2.4 USA made nylon coated steel cable (black). 10ft length.
    - 1.6mm BARE CABLE: USA made steel cable is thinner and quicker than the standard training cable.10ft length.
    - BARE CABLE PROTECTION KIT: Use to keep your bare jump rope cable from fraying, breaking and slipping from your jump rope handle. Includes 2x crimps, 2x cable stops, 2x rubber caps for cable end, and 2x heat shrink tubing.

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Instant Improvement

The Bullet COMP® features a near friction free spin. Intermediate and advanced jumpers will see instant improvement in double under speed and efficiency.

Quick & Easy Storage

The Bullet COMP® comes with our joey bag, a quick and compact way to store your handles and cables in your gym bag.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Paul Kerchinski (Leechburg, PA, US)
Not happy

When I got my jump rope I couldn’t spin the adjustment end to get the rope through. I ended up having to use two pair of pliers to spin it and that messed up my handle. For 70 dollars the product should be hand checked to make sure everything works before shipping.

Hi Paul very sorry to hear about this. This is the first time we've heard of this issue. Happy to send you a replacement you have a 1 year warranty on all our products. Can you send us a video we wonder if it was just tightened down too far.

Thomas O'Harris (Piqua, OH, US)

Best double under rope on the market!! Hands down! It took me forever to learn dubs and last Sunday I finally hit 200 unbroken with this rope so you get what you pay for! 5 stars all day long!

Amanda Loveless

Very smooth and fast rope. Others in my gym have ordered one after using mine.

Charles Aldwin Lim (General Santos, 12, PH)
Best Crossfit Jump Rope for Double and Triple Unders

This is my second purchase since I lost my first one. I would not look for any other jump rope for my workouts.

Jeff Boehler (Lancaster, PA, US)
Best rope ever!

I was able to complete 120 unbroken double unders with this rope! Next level, here we come!