Heavy Beaded (1/2 lb) Jump Rope

$ 28.00
$ 28.00
"Great weight and easily adjustable. The rope is durable with very comfortable handles. My previous Jump rope from another brand sna...
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    At 6.5oz this heavy fitness jump rope will spike your heart rate and give you a serious sweat within just a few minutes of jumping. Thick 2" beads add more resistance than our 1" beaded ropes and PVC ropes

    Long 8" handles enable easier freestyle movements like crosses, while the low profile grip tape helps you grip the handle when you sweat. A popular jump rope with boxers and MMA training. 

    Sizing: Easily adjust the length of this segmented jump rope. The 10' length will fit jumpers up to 6'4" tall. Shorten/resize the jump rope as needed by loosening the washer/tie on one end the handle, removing beads and cutting the excess cord.


    • Length - 10ft
    • Easy resizing by removing beads as needed.
    • Unbreakable plastic 8" handles (low-density, plastic polymer) with grip tape (same as on tennis rackets)
    • High quality shatter proof plastic beads.
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Customer Reviews

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David Nielsen (Monroe, WA, US)
Working on my form

Starting out with a lighter beaded rope. It was challenging. Then I got the heavy beaded rope and it still challenge but I'm working on it. Just ordered the PVC ropes. I'm just excited to be jump roping. I'm 68 years old I'll be 69 next month. I drive a tractor trailer for a living for UPS. So I sit on my butt pretty much all day working on average at 11 hour day and was looking for something that I can do to keep myself moving. Jump roping is perfect exercise. Compact, you can take it anywhere. All you need is a little time. I use it when I'm waiting for my trailer to be filled. I want to give a shout out to Kyle for bringing me on the right track. Small world, I was talking to my wife about how I found somebody on YouTube that would give me direction on how to start jump roping. And I found Kyle at JUMP 15. I was telling you my wife about it on my way to Costco and it turns out that Kyle is married to my niece. Had no idea! When a small world!!!!

Smooth easy grip and use

The jump rope has a smooth, easy motion and is easy to manipulate



Nancy Kochheiser
As described

Exactly what I was looking for!

Linds (Vineland, NJ, US)
DHT Heavy Beaded Rope Rocks! (My Clickity!!)

This rope clicks every time it comes around on my mat. It lets me know when to jump as a 179 day newbie. It gives a good workout for the extra beaded weight. It is very nimble in the cold winter days that we have been having in the Eastern part of the US. It does not stiffen up like my old PVC from another manufacturer. You guys rock! Easy ordering and fast shipping! Thanks!