Mastering Double Unders: Proper Hand Placement

Jul 16, 2021Jordan Lindstrom

Proper jump rope technique makes a world of difference when attempting double unders. Not only is your jumping form crucial but where you place your hands can be instrumental in reducing the amount of effort needed to complete double unders.


The key point is to keep your hands close to your hips and slightly in front of your body. This will reduce the distance the rope needs to travel for each rotation, allowing you to jump lower and spin the rope more easily with your wrists. Keeping your hands close to your body will save your shoulders and arms from fatiguing while jumping because it will force you to use your wrists to turn the rope.

When you are able to recruit fewer muscles to turn the rope, you can then channel your energy and effort to the primary muscles needed for double unders in your legs and core.

Tips & Tricks

We recommend two tips for practicing your hand placement while jumping:

  1. Use a Mirror or Smart Phone – There is no better way to analyze your form than watching yourself jump. Often your hands will be tempted to drift away from your body but, by watching your form, you will be able to notice and correct in real time, slowly training your body to maintain proper positioning.
  2. If your rope is a bit too long, shorten it by 2”- 3” – Resizing your rope to the proper length will force you to keep your hands in. When your hands drift away from your hips, your rope will no longer clear your head. It is an immediate feedback loop that will require great form in order to successfully complete double unders.

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