Fit Rope - Long 8" Handle Pro Freestyle Jump Rope

"Always great quality!! Elite jump ropes are the only ropes my son will use and he does lots of training as a competitive jump rope ...
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    NOTE: Elite SRS is now Elite Jumps. We rebranded recently. This product is on sale while we move the the remainder of our stock with Elite SRS branding.

    Staple freestyle and fitness jump rope with long unbreakable 8" handles and a durable 4mm PVC rope. Use indoors or outdoors and on rough surfaces. 

    Handle Construction: Comes with an unbreakable plastic 8" handle / .85oz weight (each handle) / .9" diameter at end

    Cord: 4mm PVC cord with string core can be used inside or outside on rough surfaces. Very durable. Easily replace PVC cord when it becomes worn, or customize your PVC cord color. See replacement PVC cords.

    Adjustable Sizing: Comes with a 10 foot cord. Will fit anybody up to 6' 3" tall.  Snap/lock system makes adjusting length incredibly easy. Simply slide the adjustable end to the desired length and trim off the excess cord with some scissors.

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Customer Reviews

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Msz-D-nique Moore
Very good jump rope to use for high intensity training

I love jumping rope and I have all sorts of jump ropes. This will be one of my top jump ropes that I use, especially on days when I want to jump really fast. The material that is made of I'm generally not that crazy about PVC because it can stretch out easily. But so far this PVC seems to hold up pretty well and I can go really fast jumping with this rope. I also love the handles because they are long and that helps you to be able to adjust your hold when you do different tricks with the jump rope, the jump ropes with the cable inside or still my preferred number one choice when it comes to speed jump roping but this is definitely a nice addition to what I have. Some days I don't feel like jumping as fast and some days I want to jump fast so I like to have different jump ropes depending on my mood

Michael Neuhaus
Ropes ok, a little short

Been in the market for good jump ropes and thought this might be a good option. For context I'm 6ft 4in and a little over 300lbs. The rope itself I think is meant for someone a little shorter than I but the quality is decent and it functions fine. Typical basic packaging which isn't bad. I'm not sure if I missed the dimensions of this product or if it was properly listed but either way the product is functional but just unusable for me.

high quality, adjustable length

I love this jump rope, it's made of high quality material, lightweight and flexible, and perfect for use in home or gym. the rope is adjustable and the handles are comfortable and easy to grip. I really like it.

Mark Evans
Verstaltile, Adjustable

When I think "Jump rope" it's pretty simple a piece of rope with a handle at each end ,that you jump over? Well this rope is a bit better mouse trap than that ,it's rope can be adjusted to fit the
height needs of each individual that using it ,making it perfect for small space work out stations, where less space is better. My baseball player Grandson 5'7" uses it as well as my 6 '00. Long armed, future heavyweight boxing champ Nephew , with the space saving, one rope fits all design. Well made and very affordable ,and bright chartreuse green color helps assure that rope is seen when fast cross over lapping is taking place! 👍👍

new workout companion

The Elite Fit Rope has become my go-to fitness companion. Its premium 4mm PVC speed jump rope design is ideal for both indoor and outdoor workouts. I love that it's easily adjustable to suit my exercise needs, whether it's an intense cardio session, aerobic exercise, or just some jump rope fun. It's durable and handles all the wear and tear of my workouts. A fantastic choice for gym and home fitness workouts.