Double Under Prodigy Bundle

Freestyle Beaded Rope Color
Bullet COMP® Color
$ 158.00
$ 158.00
Bundle includes a Bullet COMP premium speed rope for double unders, a Freestyle Beaded rope for double under crosses, and a standard size...
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Precision, durability, and versatility in every rotation. Bullet COMP, Freestyle Beaded, and the essential Standard Jump Rope Mat, all bundled together for a seamless training experience.

  • Product Features


    Double Under Prodigy Bundle: Perfect Your Jump Rope Game

    Bullet COMP® - Speed Rope

    • 2x 5.5" slip-protected aluminum Bullet COMP handles
    • Black 2.4mm nylon coated, kink-resistant cable for practice and durability on rough surfaces
    • 1.6mm bare steel cable for competitions and speed work
    • Cable protection kit included for easy setup of the bare cable
    • Handy Joey Bag for compact and convenient storage

    Freestyle Beaded Rope - Long

    • Long 8" handles for easier freestyle movements like crosses
    • 1" beads for the right weight and distinctive click-click sounds
    • Lightweight, unbreakable beads and handles for durability

    Standard Jump Rope Mat: Train Anywhere, Anytime

    • 36 x 48 inches
    • Made from 1/4" high-density vinyl foam for joint stress minimization
    • Soft surface for smooth rhythm during workouts
    • Suitable for outdoor surfaces like concrete, grass, and brick
    • Suitable for indoor surfaces like carpet, tile, and wood floors.

    Get the best of your jump rope game with the precision, durability, and versatility of the Double Under Prodigy Bundle. Order now and revolutionize your training routine.

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And protect your joints with the Standard Jump Rope Mat. Versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use, this mat grips various surfaces like concrete, grass, carpet, tile, and wood floors, ensuring you can train wherever suits you best.

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