Boxer Training Jump Rope - 5mm PVC

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$ 21.00
$ 21.00
"I've had this jumprope for a few months now and the 5mm rope is so durable. I've used it on wooden surfaces, at the gym, an...
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    The Boxer Rope is a quintessential jump rope designed for regular rope work and cardio fitness training. This staple in fitness gear features robust 5.5" unbreakable plastic polymer handles and an ultra-durable 5mm PVC cord to withstand your intense workouts!

    Fitness-Focused Design: The Boxer Rope is a staple for anyone committed to regular rope work and cardio fitness training, providing the durability and functionality needed for consistent practice.

    The 5mm PVC cord contains a string core which keeps the rope from "stretching" at speed for a consistent spin.

    Aa newly designed dowel and an ergonomic grip with dimpled handles ensures you maintain a solid grip, even as you sweat. The easy resizing system with snap-lock cord ends makes adjustments swift and straightforward, suitable for indoor use or with a jump rope mat.

    Sizing: Comes with a 10 foot cord. Will fit anybody up to 6' 3" tall. Snap/lock system makes adjusting length incredibly easy. Simply slide the adjustable end to the desired length and trim off the excess cord with some scissors.



        - 2 HANDLES: 5.5" long / 0.7oz weight (each handle) / tapered with 1" diameter a bottom
        - CORD: 5mm PVC cord with string core can be used inside or outside on rough surfaces. Very durable. The string running through the PVC cord will keep it from snapping, especially outdoors in cold weather. String also keeps the rope from ""stretching"" when spin force is applied (particularly during double unders), which helps for a more consistent jump.
        - Elite Jumps Velvet Bag

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      Fitness-Focused Design

      The Boxer Rope is a staple for anyone committed to regular rope work and cardio fitness training, providing the durability and functionality needed for consistent practice.

      🎯 Designed for Fitness and Fight Sports of All Levels!

      Whether engaging in freestyle, weighted, or competitive rope jumping, the Boxer Rope is designed to support your fitness journey from start to finish.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 93 reviews
      Grace Aldana
      just practicing

      but it’s amazing

      Great Rope Quality

      I tried many ropes and this one is well worth it. I jump outside, that's on concrete and my rope is still holding up after several months. It has just right thickness, holds up on windy days, holds up for certain tricks...

      Mike Zee
      Great for outdoor hard pavement

      Excellent addition to my CrossFit type of thin wire speed jump rope. This one takes more effort to spin around...but that's why I purchased it. Great outdoor PVC jump rope. Perfect weight for cardio conditioning and warming up before my Pickleball games!

      It's strong material but adjustable

      Like the product but handles could be a little thicker for boxers, big hands small grips. Otherwise great rope good speed with it.

      Kyra Torres
      Best jump rope I’ve used

      I run through jump ropes often due to them snapping but with this jump rope it has outlasted them all I jump rope five days a week on concrete just as I have with other brands the others lasted a month maybe less I’ve been using this jump rope for more than three months and still going