Make Your Own Jump Rope Kit - Christmas Kids Edition

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    A Christmas themed kit for kids to make their own beaded jump rope. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

    Makes one jump rope up to 8 foot long that will make that fun "click click" sound on pavement or hard floors.

    Kit includes:

    • 2 custom printed "core" jump rope handles. High quality print won't wear out or rub off. Our unique unbreakable plastic handles.
    • Enough 1" jump rope beads to make an 8ft jump rope (long enough for kids up to 6' tall). Easily size down or cut shorter. Shatterproof beads.
    • Polycord and washers for stringing the beads and securing in the handle.
    • Instructions for putting it all together.
    • Sturdy gift box.
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Custom Jump Ropes

Customer Reviews

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DIY gift that isn't a parent's nightmare

I'm a fan of Elite SRS as I have a few of their other beaded jump ropes. I feel that the beads help get the jumper in a rhythm when you hear the clicking sound. That is a big help to kids and us adults beginning to jump rope. I found this set to be a lot of fun because you can design your own pattern with the beads (and has a Christmas theme although I'd like sets that were diy and not Christmas too). It is one of those diy projects that isn't a parent's nightmare. It won't take long and is easy to finish and then the person can jump with it right away. The 8ft length is good as that will go to about a 5ft3in person and certainly shorter if needed. These ropes seem to really hold up and can take a beating on lots of surfaces.

Super cute active activity gift

I love that this jump rope is designed to be a Christmas activity... Open the gift, then get busy putting it together! Then go and exercise... It's a whole day of fun in one gift!

The box is cute and ready to be wrapped or put in a stocking (a large stocking, though... This barely fit in our stockings). This jump rope set includes two handles, a long rope, and all of the plastic tubes you need to make it your own. The rope can, of course, be cut in order to create a custom length, which makes this a perfect fit for any kid on your gift list.

I'm so excited for my daughter to open this jump rope kit on Christmas morning... I'm sure she'll love the theme, activity, and the active time she'll have in the future!

Cute Idea

This is a very cute jump rope for little kids. They will even be able to put it together. Hearing the noise as the rope goes around will help them to accomplish the much-anticipated jumping. This item is so cute :) I cannot wait for warm weather to get outside with my grandkids and play

Dr. Mommy
Perfect gift

My daughter is super active. She couldn't get this out of the package quick enough to assemble and start jumping. Great gift idea. Quality product

Kelli M.
Keeps Them Busy

I knew this would not be something long lasting prior to purchase. However, it is great for occupying your child's time because they have to make the jump rope before the use it. My little guy loved it because he could mix the colors in any pattern he wanted.