Thick Coated (Outdoor) Speed Cable - 3.2mm

$ 12.00
$ 12.00
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    This new outdoor rated cable can be used to turn any of your cable speed ropes into an outdoor rope. Our toughest cable. Heavily coated in nylon to take a beating on concrete surfaces. It will eventually wear out, but will last longer than any other cable on the market. Available in black color only.

    Diameter: 1/8" (3.2mm)
    Length: 10ft or 11ft

    Kink resistant jump rope cable comes at a generous 10 or 11 foot length. Made in the USA! The quality in the nylon makes the cables flexible without kinking or tangling. Use to replace worn cables, customize an existing rope for new uses, or personalize or build your own jump rope.

    Purchase includes adjustable screw (size: large) and metal cable stop (size: large) to secure handles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Adam Flint (Houston, TX, US)
Excellent Rope, Best Value

I go through ropes regularly, and being able to buy just the ropes minus the handles is tremendous. The ropes are sturdy, long-lasting, easy to attach handles to, and very consistent.

My only minor issues are:
I sometimes have trouble getting the adjustable screws over the ropes. I don't know if there's an inconsistency in the ropes or the screws, but some of the screws barely fit.

The price is still very good, and I know inflation has it everything; but these are now nearly three times the cost as my last bulk order a couple of years ago.

Here's a video I made using these ropes:

MJ (Portland, OR, US)
Thick coated outdoor speed rope

I love the speed rope. I love taking it on my runs, to the park, through the neighborhood… but. Only a few weeks in, and I have already worn through the coating; and the rope doesn’t even hit the pavement every day. Not as durable as I’d like it to be.

@MJ, this cable will last longer than standard speed cables on outdoor surfaces, but will wear out with frequent use unless you're on a mat / gym floor or some other surface that isn't abrasive. If you're doing lots of outdoor jumping we recommend a PVC cord ( vs a nylon speed cable. PVC is much more durable and will last for months of outdoor/rough surface use.

Napat D.
Speed ropes

Great durable ropes