Muay Thai 3.0 - 1.5lb Heavy Jump Rope

$ 55.00
$ 55.00
Ultra durable and adjustable weighted 12mm jump rope with unique PVC cord that won't bend, kink or retain memory even after being sto...
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Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope - Elite Jumps
Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope - Elite Jumps


Say goodbye to clunky spins with our dual ball bearing design, which ensures a smooth, fast spin. This feature allows beginners to develop rhythm efficiently, and it’s also swift enough for seamless heavy double unders.

Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope - Elite Jumps
  • Product Features

    • Weighted: 1.5lb weight between handles and cord.
    • Ball bearings: Dual ball bearings (stainless steel; won't rust) in handles for a smooth spin.
    • Thickness: 12mm PVC cord
    • Handles: 5.5" handles each weight 3.5 oz. Silicon grips.
    • Durability: Cord is ultra durable even on rough surfaces. Won't snap or break.
    • Kink free: The cord is made of a unique PVC material that won't retain kink or coil memory like other heavy ropes, even in cold temperatures.
    • Adjustable: Comes at 10ft length good for anyone up to 6'3" tall. Can easily be adjusted to shorter lengths.

    Suggested use: This rope creates a quick spike in your heart rate and a big burn in your forearms and shoulders.

    For everyday users we recommend using this rope for warmups before a workout or including it in circuit training programs. More than 100-200 jumps will be difficult to complete without taking a break.

    For fighters, athletes, and strength coaches: the Muay Thai 3.0 is designed to build significant grip strength and muscle endurance for grappling in physical sports like MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Football, Rugby, etc–while engaging the core, back, shoulders, and arms intensively. 

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Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope - Elite Jumps
Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope - Elite Jumps


Designed for High-Intensity Training, Muay Thai, & MMA Workouts. Weighing at 1.5lbs, it's the ideal weighted jump rope for both women and men. Experience increased resistance through air drag as you spin the rope faster, making it the perfect tool for high-intensity workouts.

Muay Thai 2.0 - Heavy PVC Jump Rope - Elite Jumps

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Marcus Torres (Corpus Christi, TX, US)

The mechanics and design seem good but I personally don't like the grip on handles.

Guido Zullo (Frederick, MD, US)
New jump rope

Excellent rope smooth rotation.This is third jump rope I’ve purchase from your company keep on producing great products.I recommend your jumps rope to all the people I train with .Thank you

Anonymous (Lovington, NM, US)
Superior Product and Customer Service

Their customer service is great and willing to work with you to ensure that you're completely satisfied with their product. I had to return my original rope due to some issues while sizing the rope. Due to their awesome warranty I was able to receive another rope that is the best addition to my collection. Definitely recommend the brand and any of their products, you will not be disappointed.

GMRO (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
Terrific Rope For A Great Workout!

Got this rope a week ago and am simply loving it! Pushing myself and getting a great cardio workout with the ability to do some tricks while jumping during my session with this rope too. Very happy with this rope and the quality and well! Another great choice and rope from for sure!!!

Dan Webster (Vancouver, BC, CA)

This is the smoothest heavy rope I’ve used. The bright colour is also a nice feature. Really stands out.