PVC Freestyle Jump Rope Training Bundle

$ 27.00
$ 27.00
"I've been using this PVC jump rope for a couple weeks now and I have to say, I'm really impressed with its quality and perf...
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Made to Last

Unbreakable plastic polymer 8" handles and stretch and kink-resistant PVC cords for jump ropes

  • Product Features


    Long 8" handles, non-slip grips, and a three different specialty PVC cords for developing your jump rope skill and progressing to harder workouts and tricks.

    Handles are 1oz each made of an unbreakable plastic polymer with handle grip so they won't slip when you sweat.

    Unique Freestyle Cord Options:

    • 5mm cord: Thicker and designed to create more resistance leading to quicker cardio spikes.  Inner string core so it won't stretch and lost it's shape. We recommend beginners start with the 5mm.
    • 6mm cord: This thick PVC is useful for warmups and harder workouts. The 6mm requires more effort to turn, and is our recommended fitness training thickness.
    • 4mm cord: This thinner cord is lighter weight and recommended for longer sessions and freestyle movements. The thinner the cord the better for rope manipulation like crosses, etc.

    Easily Adjustable: Each rope arrives at a 10ft length, fitting jumpers up to 6' 4". Adjusting the Freestyle Ropes to your height is a breeze with its convenient snap locks. Simple, quick, and supported by our extensive resources and videos to assist you in sizing it perfectly for your needs.


    USA made cable comes in a 10 foot length. One size fits all. Will fit anybody up to 6' 4" tall. Resize for your purposes according to our sizing & setup video. Cut off the extra cord after adjusting the cord with the adjustable screw/collar system.



    - HANDLES: Unbreakable plastic polymer handles. 8" length / 1 oz weight / .9" diameter at end. Grip tape for comfort and better grip while sweating.
    - 3 PVC cords: 4 mm white, 5 mm red, 6 mm black
    - Zipper Jump Rope Storage Bag

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Unlock Freestyle Movements

The PVC Freestyle Rope isn't just another jump rope; it's a powerful tool designed with your ultimate freestyle performance in mind. Don't miss out on experiencing the precision, ease, and durability it offers!

Jump Rope Mat - Jumbo - Elite Jumps
Jump Rope Mat - Jumbo - Elite Jumps

Ultimate Travel Companion

Throw this rope in your gym back and use indoors or outdoors; it can take a beating and it's made to jump anywhere.

Jump Rope Mat - Jumbo - Elite Jumps

Custom Jump Ropes

Customer Reviews

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Customer (Whitchurch, ENG, GB)
Wrong colour combo

Order ID :113-2763219-5756247
Description: Elite jump freestyle rope bundle.

I ordered for silver handle and silver,black and white rope combo but got a red,black and white rope instead.
I really need the silver handle to match with the silver rope

Hey! Thank you for letting us know! Our customer service team would be happy to get this fixed for you! I'm having trouble finding your order in our system, can you please send us a message at contact@elitejumps.co and we'd be happy to send you a silver pvc cord. Thank you!

Brien Delgado (Montrose, CO, US)
Excellent rope

PIcked up this rope specifically to use on learning jump rope techniques more advanced then double unders. It's fast (thought not as fast as speed rope), but gives good feedback. I'm very satisfied with it.

Sasa Velikic (Willowbrook, IL, US)

I switched from Rogue speed rope and this one amazing

Park jung eun (Gyeonggi-do, 41, KR)

PVC Freestyle Jump Rope - Training Bundle + Bag

Camilo Perdomo (Euless, TX, US)
Mera chimba!!