3 Best Jump Ropes for Beginners

May 29, 2024Devin Meek

Are you looking for creative ways to increase your cardio? Do you want to make your workout sessions more efficient yet still effective? You’ve come to the right place. Jump roping is an excellent form of cardio and can help you achieve your fitness goals in a fraction of the time it would take with other exercises.

If you’re ready to get your start in the sport but have no clue where to begin, we’re here to set you on the path. No matter your skill level, Elite Jumps has the right rope to help you get started on the right foot. Read on to learn about the best jump ropes for beginners and why you should consider these as you begin your fitness journey.

Top Jump Ropes for Beginners

  1. Best for Developing Rhythm: Freestyle Beaded Jump Rope
  2. Best for Improving: PVC Freestyle Jump Rope - Training Bundle + Bag
  3. Best for Double Unders & CrossFit: Sports Performance Jump Rope

Best for Developing Rhythm: Freestyle Beaded Jump Rope

Jump roping is known as a rhythmic sport. Learning the cadence of when to jump versus when to land can be difficult for some, especially as a beginner.

When you first start, finding the right rhythm is likely to be one of the more challenging hurdles you will face. But learning to develop rhythm correctly is the key to success in the sport - and here’s why.

During your first couple of sessions, your overall endurance may take a hit when you try to go for more extended periods. Keeping your muscles relaxed while still engaged is the key and can prove to be a difficult level of harmony to find. 

However, monitoring your rhythm and adjusting your speed will help you jump more efficiently and maintain your stamina without over-exerting yourself. With the correct jump rope, finding your rhythm can be simple and just takes a little practice

The Freestyle Beaded Jump Rope is perfect for beginners looking to get into the sport or for athletes who are looking for a way to mix up their cardio sessions. Beaded Jump ropes also offer an audio cue to develop jump rope skills. Many beginners note that the rhythmic sound of the beads hitting the floor helps improve rhythm, as the beads add a metronomic ‘ticking’ to help gauge ideal movements.


  • Handle Construction: This product showcases unbreakable plastic handles that are easy to hold onto. The longer handles and included grip tape are easy to hold while familiarizing yourself with jumping rope fundamentals.
  • Rope Type: This rope is configured with shatterproof beads, so you can practice on any surface for as long as you’d like. 
  • Weight: The beads are 1” thick, making the rope lightweight and easy to maneuver as you train.
  • Best for: This option is great for beginners or general hobbyists looking to perfect their jumping rhythm. With practice, this rope is also great for simple tricks and crossovers.
  • Warranty: We offer a 1-year warranty for all our products and are happy to assist with replacing or repairing parts during this time frame.


  • Easy to resize so you can figure out the perfect length for you.
  • Great for perfecting rhythm.
  • Versatile for training and can be used on any surface.


  • May feel slightly heavy for beginners.
  • Not as smooth a jumping experience as other ropes.

Price: $26 - shop this rope now

Best for Improving: PVC Freestyle Jump Rope - Training Bundle + Bag

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it may be time to move on to a more advanced option. The PVC Freestyle Jump Rope is the perfect crossover from novice to intermediate and will allow you to practice advanced skills as you become more comfortable. 

Unlike the beaded rope, this product is made of a thin, durable cord designed for speed training and other challenging workouts and tricks. The slender cord allows you to pick up the pace and test your limits with each training session. 

This bundle is ideal for making the step-up due to the three cord thicknesses included. Beginning with the 6mm thickness will provide you with the feedback of a thicker rope before progressing to 4mm as you improve. The thinner rope will help you implement more advanced movements like tricks and double unders as your skill and confidence grow.


  • Handle Construction: The handles on these ropes are indestructible and equipped with a grip to ensure you can easily maintain control over the rope.
  • Rope Type: The PVC rope is made from a unique mixture of materials and is incredibly durable. You can choose from a 4mm, 5mm, or 6 mm cord based on your preference and style of training.
  • Weight: The handles on the PVC Freestyle Jump Rope are 1 oz each, though the total weight of the rope will depend on the cord thickness you select.
  • Best for: This style is great for beginners or individuals looking to increase their speed.
  • Warranty: Our 1-year warranty applies to this product.


  • Different-sized ropes are great for progressing from beginner skills to advanced tricks.
  • Lightweight and great for speed training.
  • Easy to resize to your height.


  • May be too fast or advanced for some beginners.

Price: $27 - shop this rope now

Best for Double Unders & CrossFit: Sports Performance Jump Rope

If you feel confident in your jump rope abilities and are ready to take your skills to the next level, then the Sports Performance Jump Rope is a fantastic choice. 

Once you’ve nailed the basics of jump roping, it’s time to advance to the fun stuff. Learning how to complete a double under can be incredibly difficult without the proper rope, and that’s why we strongly recommend investing in the Sports Performance Rope when attempting to master this skill.

This rope is designed to perfect the double unders and is also great for speed training, boxing, or CrossFit workouts. Similar to the PVC bundle, this rope also comes with three cord sizes, each of which aids progression.

The 4mm cord is the thickest and provides the most feedback when you want to master your first 1-10 double unders. The 3.2mm cable is slightly thinner and faster but still offers ample feedback as you progress to 11-50 double unders. The final cord at 2.4mm is the thinnest and the fastest for performing 50+ double unders efficiently. 


  • Handle Construction: The handles on this rope are composed of aluminum with stainless steel ball bearings to ensure smooth rotations when in use.
  • Rope Type: Made from PVC, its durable design is perfect for use on any surface.
  • Weight: While the handles are constructed from metal, this rope is still lightweight and great for controlled speed training.
  • Best for: The Sports Performance rope is fantastic for beginners and experts looking to practice their double unders or attend CrossFit classes.
  • Warranty: This product is also fully covered by our 1-year warranty.


  • Great for beginners looking to try new skills and improve on their speed.
  • Cords are easy to switch for any style of training.
  • Designed for speed training and is a good choice for for setting PRs.


  • Considered a more advanced option because of its speed capabilities, though some beginners may prefer it.

Price: $49.99 - shop this rope now

What To Consider When Choosing the Best Beginner Jump Rope


Buying a jump rope made of quality material should be one of your top priorities. Put your money to good use and invest in a product made of exceptional materials, not something cheap that could break after a few uses. 

Our jump ropes undergo rigorous quality control tests throughout production to ensure your money will not go to waste. We want your entry into the sport to be seamless, and investing in our ropes will guarantee you're set for success.

Weight and Size

While you may want to dive right into the advanced skills and tricks, it’s important to spend ample time perfecting the basics of jump roping. To do this, you should carefully consider the weight and size of the rope you choose to purchase. 

Starting with a lightweight rope will allow you to figure out the maneuvers without added weight hindering your progress. You should also take the time to learn the correct rope size for your person. All our ropes are easy to resize, so you can mess around with it until it feels just right.


Similar to weight and size, the thickness of the rope is also an essential factor to consider before you buy. Generally, thicker ropes equate to more effort on your end, so factor this in as you research. While a thicker rope requires more effort, it also means more significant biofeedback, which is vital when training your mind and body to learn the timing of the jump.

Storage Options

Jump ropes are generally hard to store as they can easily get tangled or twisted. You won’t have to worry about this issue by choosing from Elite Jumps' collection. We offer storage bags for each rope, ensuring it’s adequately stored and easily accessible at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Jump Rope Should a Beginner Use?

For beginner jump ropers, we recommend starting with a core-beaded option. These ropes are lightweight and perfect for newbies looking to hone in on the correct rhythm and practice basic skills. They’re also durable and won’t get damaged when you inevitably make a few starter mistakes. 

What Is the Best Weight for a Jump Rope for a Beginner?

While this will ultimately depend on each user, we recommend starting with a 3 oz jump rope. These starter ropes are an excellent entry into the world of jump roping and will allow you to perfect basic skills before moving on to the heavier, more advanced rope options.

Ready to Start Your Jump Rope Journey? Take Our Quiz & Shop Elite Jumps!

Getting your start in jump roping shouldn’t be overwhelming. Any of the beginner-approved options listed above are excellent for beginning your foray into the sport. 

Still unsure which rope is best for you? Check out our tailored quiz and find the perfect jump rope for you. Buy today to receive a 10% discount on your purchase!

About the Author

Devin Meek is the Director of Education for Elite Jumps. He's been a jump rope entertainer for over eighteen years and is a three-time world champion competitive jumper. Devin travels the country sharing his passion for the sport, giving jump rope workshops to schools, CrossFit gyms, and corporate wellness programs.


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