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Muay Thai 2.0 - Slightly Used / Like New
Carl DeVilbiss (Memphis, TN, US)
Muay Thai is muy Bien!

My Muay Thai 2 arrived fast and I was very pleased that there were minimal blemishes. I was impressed how much more effort results with such a little change in rope weight. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Core Jump Rope - 6mm PVC
J Sepeda (Dallas, TX, US)
Alright rope

For a 20 dollar rope it wore away after a week and a half of regular use (30+ minutes) where the rope spins. Other than that it is a great rope with an awesome tempo change and balance of weight. Will purchase from website again. NOTE if you jump rope frequently it would be better to get the swivel head boxer rope or the heavy rope with ball bearings. NOT THE BEST ROPE FOR BOXERS.

Do Hard Things® Fitness Training Jump Rope Set
Anna Porkolab (Budapest, BU, HU)

Do Hard Things® Fitness Training Jump Rope Set

Heavy Beaded (1/2 lb) Jump Rope
David Nielsen (Monroe, WA, US)
Working on my form

Starting out with a lighter beaded rope. It was challenging. Then I got the heavy beaded rope and it still challenge but I'm working on it. Just ordered the PVC ropes. I'm just excited to be jump roping. I'm 68 years old I'll be 69 next month. I drive a tractor trailer for a living for UPS. So I sit on my butt pretty much all day working on average at 11 hour day and was looking for something that I can do to keep myself moving. Jump roping is perfect exercise. Compact, you can take it anywhere. All you need is a little time. I use it when I'm waiting for my trailer to be filled. I want to give a shout out to Kyle for bringing me on the right track. Small world, I was talking to my wife about how I found somebody on YouTube that would give me direction on how to start jump roping. And I found Kyle at JUMP 15. I was telling you my wife about it on my way to Costco and it turns out that Kyle is married to my niece. Had no idea! When a small world!!!!

PVC Coated Steel Freestyle Cable (3.2mm)
Olivier Giacomini (Paris, IDF, FR)

PVC Coated Steel Freestyle Cable (3.2mm)

Really nice skipping rope.

Core Jump Rope - 6mm PVC
Chris (Oklahoma City, OK, US)
This rope has helped me so much!

I love my new rope. As a beginner, I could not even get started with the beaded rope I was using, even though I tried shortening and lengthening it I could not get it around very well. My new PVC rope is so much better for me to handle, it immediately helped me improve and now I can concentrate on my timing and hand position. I am finally making progress and realize now that I really can do it. Thanks for the advice to buy this one.

I like the fact that it's as heavy as it is promised but it is rather too long for a single user kind of jumping rope.

Spark Speed Jump Rope
Lauren (Calgary, AB, CA)
Immediate improvement in my double unders

I'm thrilled that I decided to try the Spark Speed Jump Rope. This fast, lightweight rope is making double unders so much more efficient for me. 10/10 recommend.

Beginner Progression Jump Rope Bundle
Daniel Gonzalez (Calgary, AB, CA)

Awesome quality!

Bullet COMP® - Speed Rope
TW Norman (Eldorado, IL, US)


Jump Rope Cable Cutters
William Kus (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Works great

I bought this rope because I was having trouble with my double unders. The first time I used it, I was able to string a bunch together.

Muay Thai 3.0 - 1.5lb Heavy Jump Rope
Henrik (Santa Fe, NM, US)
Great workout, great spin

Heavy and challenging, but fun to work with, and gives a great cardio boost in a short amount of time. The weight of the rope also adds a nice shoulder strength/endurance workout. The handles are perfectly sized (for me; male, size L gloves), and the ball bearings provide a smooth and effortless spin.

Bullet COMP® - Speed Rope
Dayna Mooney (SeaTac, WA, US)
Customer service

Thank you for helping with getting a replacement muy Thai rope! You happened to have one around and provided for the just the cost of shipping!!! I appreciate you all so much!

Good. 6mm was as expected. I prefer 5 so ordered those and now I have both for variety.

Core Beaded Jump Rope
Lauren (Calgary, AB, CA)
Good feedback from rope and easy to adjust

The weight of this rope provides the heft to provide meaningful feedback to the jumper, and I appreciated how easy it was to adjust. Plus, it’s a good-looking rope!

Had this rope for a couple months so far and it holds up well. Easy to adjust and use.

Cordless Jump Rope
Lauren (Calgary, AB, CA)
Perfect for drills

The product was exactly as pictured, and it's been helpful for drilling arm/wrist movement, and building upper body stamina.

Core Beaded Jump Rope
VICTOR JARA (Fernando de la Mora, 11, PY)

Hello I just got them in Paraguay. The ropes are amazing people love your ropes. My customers are happy with them

Great quality and long lasting

Core Licorice Rope - PE Teacher Special
Alvin Fuentes (Jefferson, MD, US)

These jump ropes are the best in the industry.

Fit Handle (single) - 8" Long
Olivier Giacomini (Paris, IDF, FR)

Fit Handle - 8" Long Handle

Good durability and coordination. It feels smooth while I work and easy to adjust.

Jump Rope Mat
mary oreskovich (Pueblo, CO, US)
terrible jumper, awesome mat!

i haven't jumped rope in a number of years and wanted an alternative to my running regimen. i'm still slipping up quite a bit but the mat has certainly helped! the cushioning is great and i can take it just about anywhere-garage, deck, sidewalk. I love my mat!

Few Will Double Under T-Shirt
Customer (Tupper Lake, NY, US)

Love it can’t wait to master my DUs!