Jump Rope Live Classes

From Last Week

Ready to master beginner jump rope release skills? See the recording from our May 29, 2024 live class for an energizing workout session packed with skill-building exercises!

About the coach

Live classes are run and coached by Devin Meek the Director of Education for Elite Jumps. He's been a jump rope entertainer for over eighteen years and is a three-time world champion competitive jumper.

Devin travels the country sharing his passion for the sport, giving jump rope workshops to schools, CrossFit gyms, and corporate wellness programs.

Frequently asked questions

Once you register we will send you a link to watch the class by email or text (your choice). We will send you a link a few hours before the class starts and a reminder link as the class is starting. You can watch the class from your computer or phone as long as you have an internet connection.

We stream the live class both through Youtube and through our jump rope app. If you have our app you can watch it there, or we will give you the youtube live link

These are active engagement classes where we will be teaching jump rope movements and doing a 5 to 20 minute workout. Make sure you have ample space to move around and use your jump rope. We recommend 10 square feet and at least 9 foot high ceilings.

Make sure you have a jump rope. Many of the classes will feature a specific style of jump rope or jumping (beaded for freestyle, heavy ropes for strength workouts). As long as you have a jump rope you can attempt all the movements, but it's recommended to have the same rope being used in the workout. We will let you know in advance what rope to bring.

It's also helpful to use a jump rope mat, but not required.

Plan for 25 minutes of instruction and workout with 5 to 15 minutes additional time at the end for questions.

Yes! We have a live chat feature in the class that will allow you ask questions and interact with the coach during and after the class.

Watch it Again

Behind the Back Trick + 10 Min Workout

From May 15, 2024
Discover the art of the Behind the Back jump rope trick in a fun 10-minute workout session! Rewatch the jump rope class with Devin Meek for an immersive experience packed with skill-building and fun.

WEIGHTED ROPE WORKOUT For Beginners + Side Swing Tips

From May 8, 2024
Get expert tips on side swings while using the Muay Thai 3.0 rope, weighing 1.5 lbs for added intensity. Elevate your fitness game and enjoy the fun of jumping.

How to Jump FORWARD & BACK + WORKOUT for Beginners

From May 1, 2024
Learn some variations of Backwards and Forwards during a 10-minute jump rope workout!

JUMP WITH ME! Beginner Workout: Learn Every Step While We Go

From April 24, 2024
Join us for an fun beginner jump rope workout where you'll learn every step along the way!

"START HERE" Beginner Jump Rope Workout - Learn the Basics

From April 17, 2024
Embark on your jump rope journey with our 'Day 0' live class.Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, this class is your starting point for a rewarding jump rope experience.