Elite SRS Is Now Elite Jumps

Formerly known as Elite SRS and founded in 2016 by Matt Hopkins, Elite Jumps exists to give everyone the best chance on their jump rope journey. It began through a chance encounter between a PE teacher, Matt Hopkins, and a passing jump rope team, who shared a passion for the art of jump rope and created Elite SRS.

Eventually, this collaboration grew into a successful business in Central Washington, supplying gyms, performance centers, distributors, CrossFit athletes, and competitive jump rope teams with the jump rope best suited for their needs. 

Elite SRS came to be known as a company aimed at serious athletes when, in actual fact, we wanted to provide equipment for anybody looking to pick up a rope. It’s for this reason we’ve decided on a rebrand, becoming Elite Jumps, to make jump rope accessible for all. 

While Elite SRS used to make various products for other sports, our rebrand to Elite Jumps represents our passion and focus on all things jump rope. Providing everything from beaded, weighted, PVC, and double under jump ropes to accessories and more, Elite Jumps is revolutionizing the jump rope scene with something for everyone.

Making use of a jump rope in your workout has various health benefits, both physically and mentally. Muscle gain and retention, improved stamina, better balance and coordination, and a huge boost to your cardiovascular health - just a glimpse into what we stand behind.

And what's our mission? We're here to help equip and encourage people to be their best selves by developing healthy lifestyles bolstered by a healthy and fun hobby. We also help people hone their jumping skills to the next level by providing the best possible tools for the job - whether that be a rope, mat, good storage, or reliable repair kit.

Despite the new name, Elite Jumps represents the same values and principles as Elite SRS, making the same premium-quality jump ropes. Are you just getting started and looking for a great community to support you on your fitness journey? Join our Facebook group for a group of like-minded people to share tips and tricks around all things jump rope.

High-Quality Jump Ropes For Everyone — Shop Elite Jumps!

Elite Jumps has been supplying premium ropes to individuals and gym centers since its inception back in 2016. We're not only helping to connect people with a sport that they love but also pushing the fitness scene forward around the world - USA-made. We're also spearheading quality equipment standards with our ropes and accessories. 

Whether you're interested in beginning or improving your jump rope skills, look no further than Elite Jumps for all of your jump rope needs.