5 Best Apps for Learning Jump Rope

Jan 01, 2023Devin Meek

When I started my first jump rope team back in the early 1990s Apple was still just a struggling computer company and jump rope was just a fringe activity practiced by kids on the playground and a few of us crazy jump rope competitors. 

25 years later we have the app store, and jump rope has gone mainstream as fitness pros and researchers have discovered the benefits of jump rope for everything from increasing bone density to improving memory. 

Jump rope is now a core component of CrossFit and many other mainstream fitness programs.

I've had a chance now to use many of the jump rope apps you can find in Android and Apple App stores (disclaimer: I'm an avid iPhone user, but I did include some Android apps here). Here's my review of my top 5 favorites.

1. JustJump

Don't be fooled by the low number of reviews (6 reviews at time of writing). This was an easy choice as the best jump rope app. Very innovative and well thought out. Geared to all audiences … from playground, competition, to training for various sports like boxing. 

Quick summary: Offers workouts that target sport and training goals for athletes or fitness fanatics. For those looking to learn jump rope tricks it provides over 200 skills and combinations in 4 different skill levels.

The Good: The app is helpful for a large audience who may have an interest in jump rope. Easy to navigate with simple and clean pages. Each trick starts with a page that has a written description and helpful hints. A highly skilled athlete demonstrates the skill with the sound of the rope moving. The user is given the ability to play the video-recorded trick in regular speed and in slow motion. A cool feature enables the user to move frame by frame to study how the trick is done. This app even provides access to the top-performing jump rope equipment. 

Super helpful is you are looking to use jump rope to cross train for different sports. Many sports from soccer, basketball, Ice skating, Crossfit and tennis are given workouts to help those athletes excel in their sport. If fitness goals are important to you, then this app will help you improve your balance, stamina, and strength. Competition jumpers will be especially helped by this app as it covers speed jumping, double unders and tricks.

The Bad: This app does have a fee, but many of the tricks are free. 

Available on: iPhone

2. Skipping Skills

This app offers a comprehensive list of jump rope skills set in levels 1 to 6, as well as many other helpful categories. Geared toward anyone who wants to learn new jump rope tricks.

The Good: Easy to navigate, Good quality video footage and audio description. Shows skills from different angles. front, back and sides. Tricks are separated very well into jumping skill categories. Demonstrated by a top level jumper.

The Bad: Must pay to view most skills. Very few free skills.

Available on: iPhone

3. The Jump Rope Trictionary

This app teaches a HUGE list of jump rope skills set in levels 1-4. Geared toward competitive jumpers who want to learn tricks.

The Good: All of the tricks are FREE! Very Comprehensive list of skills, gives prerequisite skills to learn before you try a skill. Has the ability to search for specific skill names. Shows skills from different angles. front, back and sides. Shows in slow motion. Demonstrated by top level jumper.

The Jump Rope Tricktionary's Android™ app also has a speed timer! With this tool you can time and click speed and be provided with useful statistics about the event. The app displays score, speed, number of misses, an estimated score assuming no misses occurred, and a graph of the jumpers instantaneous speed throughout the entire event. Also included in the app is the Show Writer. This enables competitive jump rope coaches and jumpers to write jump rope routines.

The Bad: Poor quality filming, no audio of explanation of skills, only available on Android, but should soon be available on IOS. Tricks are not separated into different categories i.e.. Crossing moves, rope throws etc. but are all thrown together in levels of by difficulty.

Available on: Android

4. Jump Rope Workouts by Fitivity

This app includes 10 levels of jump rope training drills that will test your coordination, speed, and conditioning. Each level gets increasingly harder and includes stationary and on the move jump rope training exercises. 

The Good:

  • Many different exercises.
  • Multiple footwork programs
  • Animated and video demonstrations that utilize voiceover
  • Detailed descriptions of exercises
  • Features to track your progress.

The Bad: Has experienced problems with crashing. Poor video quality, Only basic fitness jump rope moves. Demonstrated by a jumper with poor jumping form. Gives a set amount of exercises each to do for 30 seconds each ….. not a lot of creativity. 

Available on: iPhone

5. Jump Rope Workout by Underlogic

A well reviewed and much used app for fitness enthusiasts doing basic jumping. Simple and easy-to-use.

The Good: Free, counts jumps, gives calories burned, saves history.

The Bad: Very limited use. Only expects you to do basic jumps. Does not teach or demonstrate tricks. No video or audio instruction. The noise it makes for when you complete a jump is hard to hear while you are jumping. A very basic app. 

Available on: iPhone

About the Author

Devin Meek is the Director of Education for Elite Jumps. He's been a jump rope entertainer for over eighteen years and is a three-time world champion competitive jumper. Devin travels the country sharing his passion for the sport, giving jump rope workshops to schools, CrossFit gyms, and corporate wellness programs.


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