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About Our Jump Rope Mats

A quality mat is one of the most vital pieces of jump rope equipment. If you want to improve stability and reduce muscle stress while jumping rope, a proper mat is precisely what you need.

Elite Jumps has been designing the highest-quality ropes for years, and our jump rope mats are no different. Used by athletes, sports stars, and beginners alike, our mats are great for any jumper in any situation. With both standard and jumbo-sized options, choose the best mat to suit your environment.

Our jump rope mats are the perfect companion to your new rope, aiding shock absorption for ankle and foot muscles while reducing noise upon impact. Our mats are great on any flooring: grass, concrete, wood, or tile, and they’re easily cleaned and transportable.
All Elite jumps mats are made from premium quality, ¼” high-density vinyl foam to help you maintain rhythm and jump efficiently on any surface. The foam acts as a barrier between your feet and the ground, absorbing the impact of your landing during even the most advanced movements.

So, whether you're a beginner, a competitive jump roper, or need extra padding to protect your floor and ankles, our jump mats are dependable and trusted worldwide. Check out our jump rope mats today to hone your skills wherever you are!

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