Core Licorice Rope - PE Teacher Special

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NOTE: BuyJumpRopes is now Elite Jumps. We rebranded recently. This product is on sale while we move the the remainder of our stock with B...
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    NOTE: BuyJumpRopes is now Elite Jumps. We rebranded recently. This product is on sale while we move the the remainder of our stock with BuyJumpRopes branding.
    This classic licorice jump rope is great for kids, PE, boys and girls clubs, mission trips and more. A high quality, durable jump rope at a great price while supplies last.
    • Durable and Tangle-Free: Our jump ropes are made with a durable 4mm PVC cord that will not twist or tangle, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workout. Perfect for intense workouts and fun playtime.
    • Adjustable Length: Our jump ropes are trusted by schools, teams, clubs and have a snap lock system that allows you to easily adjust the length of the rope to your specific needs, making it perfect for people of all ages and skill levels.
    • Trusted Quality: Started in 1999 by former competitive jumper and jump rope coach, Matt Hopkins, buy jump ropes equips professional jumpers, schools, teams, athletes, and the average jumper with high-quality ropes that are more durable and effective.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Alvin Fuentes (Jefferson, MD, US)

These jump ropes are the best in the industry.

Nancy Baumann (Minneapolis, MN, US)

Core Licorice Rope - PE Teacher Special

Jazmine L. (Chattanooga, TN, US)
Jumping in Crocs

I bought these rope for an after school program to get the kids up and moving and they didn’t disappoint. We needed to replace some older cheap beaded ropes. We were able to get more kids jumping and more easily create a few different sizes to accommodate the children better.

ASeeley (Midvale, UT, US)
Licorice Ropes

These jump ropes are great and durable. I purchased these for a 1st grade jump rope class and the students love them. They are lightweight, easy to use, and the perfect size for them.

Emily (Monroe, WA, US)
My Favorite Licorice Ropes

I've bought hundreds of these ropes over the past 14 years for the kids in my school's jump rope club. They are good quality, come in a variety of sizes and colors (less colors now than before, but that's okay), and the price is super reasonable. I love that I'm supporting a [relatively] local company and getting a great deal at the same time.