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We are a small business in Wenatchee, WA working to have a positive, lasting impact on the world through jump rope. We do this through our Equip, Educate, Encourage, Employ model. - EQUIP: Making (humbly) the best jump ropes in the world. The top competitive jumpers and CrossFit athletes in the world use our product. We make products that work exceptionally well and last an exceptionally long time. - EDUCATE: We create high value educational resources that help people build skill and confidence in jump rope. We share these resources through our jump rope app, blog, Facebook community, email list and YouTube channel. - ENCOURAGE: We come alongside our customers and community through our USA customer service team and professional jump rope coaches (see live classes on the app) to help people unlock a "movement mindset" with their rope. -EMPLOY: We hire USA based workers to make our jump ropes. We employ a group of men with Down Syndrome "the Amigos" to make jump ropes.

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