Surge® 3.0 - Speed Jump Rope

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I’ve been a CrossFitter for almost 2 years, and I’ve been okay at DUs. I had my own rope from a sporting store, and I thought it was just...
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    The Surge® 3.0 speed rope is designed to improve your speed with speed skipping or double unders. The ultra smooth handle creates a centripetal "whip" effect, giving you increased feedback for developing a double under rhythm quicker than other jump ropes.

    Ultra light-weight design for long sets and less arm/hand fatigue. Designed by a national champion jump rope coach and athlete to improve your double unders.

    Handles Dimensions: 5" long / 1oz (30g) weight / anodized aluminum with foam grip / 0.6" diameter

    Handles fit cables up to 4mm in diameter.



    - Cable: 10ft standard 2.4mm nylon coated steel speed cable. Made in USA.
    - Joey Bag: A minimalist jump rope storage system for speed ropes; designed to keep your jump rope from taking over your gym bag.

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Ximena G.

If you are looking for a light and speedy rope this is the one. The handles are extremely good quality, it’s built to last. I’ve had sr1 and sr2 rouge jump ropes but I think the quality of this one edges those out. It’s a lot faster and lighter. The only “complaint” that I have is that the handles are a bit short. So, when you are jumping really fast or doing double unders, my grip on the handle loosens. But overall amazing!

Keli Almeida (Thousand Oaks, CA, US)
Excellent product

Excellent product, fast delivery. Light rope and with good bearings.
I just think it should come with a bag to store the rope, to keep protected and increase its durability...

Charles D. Cadiente
Solid skipping

Nice quality of product and serves its purpose.👍

Logan QC
Well Made handles, but rope is not allowed to twist freely

These handles are well made. The bearings have excellent spin with low friction.

I find them to be a bit on the shorter side as I have always used longer handles so find I am only gripping the with my thumb and forefinger on very end of the handles, otherwise the power transfer benefit from a loner lever is negated.

The attachment to the rope, however, seems to be a remarkable oversite on the part of design. By designing the attachment with a screw directly on the handle to crimp the rope it prevents the rope from freely moving and twisting (or easily untwisting). This means that every time one pulls the rope out of the bag or picks it up off the floor the rope almost always has a twist loop in it. An improved way to design this would be, similar to others that I own, to use independent collars attached to the rope after the handles to prevent them from sliding off but also allowing the rope to fully twist as necessary to remain untangled.

Ryan Schroeder (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Good rope but….

I ordered the red handle. When it arrived it looked more like pink. Everyone at the gym also commented on why I bought a pink jump rope