Sports Performance Jump Rope

"I've been struggling with double unders FOREVER -- but the heft of these handles is making them easier. Plus they're just h...
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Textured Handles for Superior Grip

The Performance Rope boasts textured handles that guarantee a superior, non-slip grip, giving you confidence and stability during your most dynamic and sweaty workouts.

  • Product Features


    The Sports Performance Jump Rope is a premium jump rope designed for high performance in the gym or training for sport.

    • Longer Handle for Reach: 6.5" long tapered handles offer longer reach for crossing moves popular in boxing and MMA training. 
    • Lightweight Metal Construction: Designed for durability without compromise on weight (2 oz.), the lightweight metal ensures longevity while allowing you to maintain speed and agility with ease.
    • Ultra Smooth Spin: Say goodbye to friction! Stainless steel ball bearings offer an unbelievably smooth handle spin, providing you with a seamless and fluid jumping rhythm, regardless of the intensity of your workout. 
    • Convenient Storage: Includes a handy zipper bag with clear front for convenient storage of the handles and cords.
    • Universal Head: The handles are designed to accept cords up to 5mm in diameter. This makes it extremely handy for switching out cords for freestyle, fitness or speed/double unders.
    • 3 Cables: This set includes an ultra durable 4mm "fitness" PVC cord that can be used indoors or outdoors on rough surfaces , a 3.2mm white PVC coated "freestyle" cable for freestyle tricks, and a 2.4mm black nylon coated "speed" cable for double unders and speed work. 


    Note: We've included all the screws and cord ends you'll need to easily swap out and replace your cords with the handles.



      - Handles: 6.5" long / 2oz (each) / 0.7" diameter. Made of high grade aluminum. Very durable.
      - Includes 10ft 4mm red PVC, 3.2mm white freestyle cable, and 2.4mm black nylon coated cable.
      - Elite Jumps Zipper Bag

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      Our products are guaranteed with a 1-year money-back warranty. Within the 1 year warranty we will refund, repair and/or replace parts or products that are defective in materials or workmanship. We pay the shipping.

    🎯 Designed for Your High-Performance Goals!

    This rope isn’t just for the everyday fitness enthusiast - it’s designed for athletes, individuals in fight sport training, those participating in competitive fitness, or anyone looking to enhance their fitness in the garage or at the gym. Whether you are engaged in high-intensity training or just starting your fitness journey, the Performance Rope is your go-to for a versatile and effective workout companion!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Ben Robinson (Perth, WA, AU)
    Great ropes

    Highly recommended

    Gianluigi Burchiani (Montreal, QC, CA)
    Great Rope but is not "The one"

    Pros: Very smooth and excellent spin time - perfectly weighted - relatively versatile - built to last.
    Cons: The knurling is not aggressive enough - had to put some grip tape that unfortunately covers the nice logo - Cannot use 5mm PVC which is IMO the best size for licorice ropes - All ropes slides, I had to add rubber little tube to act as a stopper on the inside of the rope. Around the rope attachment, it got scratch very quickly. For that, I gave 4 out of 5 stars.

    Vicki K (Las Cruces, NM, US)
    Great set of jumprope

    I am a beginner at CrossFit and ordered the Sports Performance Jump Rope, which includes 3 types of ropes, so you can work your way up to the speed rope. The handles are very well made and spin smoothly. It is easy to assemble and customize the length to fit. The ropes, handles, and fittings come in a nice zippered bag. I also bought the mat. I highly recommend these products.

    Stephanie Buettner (Bel Air, MD, US)
    Great Customer Service

    I ordered 2 engraved handles and there was an error when printing the packing list so only 1 was engraved, I emailed customer service and Becca was quick to respond, super friendly and got it taken care of. In only a few days the handles were back to me and looked great! Thank you!

    Antony Waite (Wappingers Falls, NY, US)

    Sports Performance Jump Rope