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"This thing is durable, heavy duty, and still rolls up nicely for transport. I was using a yoga mat but couldn't find the right ...
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    Better Than A Yoga Mat: Our Premium Jump Rope Mat is more durable and has more cushion than a standard yoga mat. It's designed for jump rope workouts from jump rope professionals. Unlike yoga mats, it's made from 1/4" high-density vinyl foam. Its soft surface minimizes joint stress and rope rebound helping you to maintain a smooth rhythm during your workout.

    Reduces Impact: The 1/4" high-density foam absorbs impact when jumping on hard surfaces such as concrete, pavement, wood floors and tile floors. It acts as a thin, soft barrier between your feet and the ground, while maintaining the integrity needed to perfect your wildest jump rope moves workout after workout.


    • Standard: 36" x 48"
    • Jumbo 43.5" x 86.5"

    Noise Buffer: Living in an apartment with wood floors? Our Premium Jump Rope Mat will help reduce noise and vibrations during your workouts. Its vinyl foam material minimizes the sound of jump rope bounce, which can often be loud to the apartment below. 

    Designed for Many Surfaces: Our mat is intentionally designed to be versatile. It can be used on outdoor surfaces like concrete, grass, and brick, or indoor surfaces like carpet, tile, and wood floors. It is designed to withstand intense skipping, high knees, and quick movements. It stays in place on smooth surfaces during even the most intense workouts.

    Easy to Clean and Store: Cleaning the Premium Jump Rope Mat is easy. Just use water and a rag or cloth. It's a durable and easy-to-maintain material that doesn't require any special cleaning products. The mat's design ensures that it's easy to clean and can be rolled up for easy storage or carrying during travel.

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It's the perfect workout companion to extend the life of your jump rope.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
mary oreskovich (Pueblo, CO, US)
terrible jumper, awesome mat!

i haven't jumped rope in a number of years and wanted an alternative to my running regimen. i'm still slipping up quite a bit but the mat has certainly helped! the cushioning is great and i can take it just about anywhere-garage, deck, sidewalk. I love my mat!

Pia Angela (Silver Spring, MD, US)
Great mat and ropes

I ordered a mat and a beaded rope along with a 5mm pvc. All work wonderfully.
The mat has a good texture and my landings are soft. The mat is thick and durable and I’m sure it’ll last through daily use for quite a while.
I am not very tall, only 5’2” The smaller size mat is the perfect size for me jumping in place. I don’t know if this would affect your decision to buy but I thought I’d add that.

Turfgirltwo (Whitesburg, GA, US)

Jump Rope Mat

Anthony Taroian (Chatsworth, CA, US)

Jump Rope Mat

Andrew Ouslander (Bethpage, NY, US)

Jump Rope Mat