Beginner Progression Jump Rope Bundle

Include Jump Rope Mat
Enjoyed the 3 rope bundle to get jump rope into my exercise routine. Adjustments are easily made and the weights are just fine for workin...
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Start Your Jump Rope Journey

Three ropes at different weights for practicing rhythm and jump rope skills.

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    Are you making a commitment to jump rope, but not sure which rope is right or how fast you will progress?

    This progression bundle includes our recommended beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness ropes for learning how to jump rope and progressing to more challenging workouts.



    - 1" BEADED JUMP ROPE: At 3oz, this is our recommended "starter" rope. Not too heavy, but the beads slow the rope down and offer a "click click" for developing rhythm. Also good for freestyle movements as you progress.
    - 6mm PVC JUMP ROPE: At 5oz, our 6mm PVC rope offers a bit more weight and resistance while also being a "faster" rope, providing great feedback for double unders practice.
    - HEAVY BEADED JUMP ROPE: At 6.5oz, this is a heavier jump rope with thick beads that offer both weight and spin (wind) resistance. This rope is more difficult to spin, making for a more robust workout, while the 8" long handles allow you to experiment with more difficult freestyle movements.
    - JUMP ROPE MAT (OPTIONAL): We highly recommend using a jump rope mat when you jump to protect your joints. Our 48" x 36" standard mat helps reduce impact on joints, while also extending the life of your jump ropes. Easy to clean and roll up and store. Use indoors or outdoors.

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Protect Your Knees & Jump Ropes

Add a jump rope mat to cushion the impact on your joints and extend the life of your ropes.

Elite Durability

Take the 6mm rope anywhere. Unique PVC with string core is durable for outdoor workouts on rough surfaces or in the cold.

Custom Jump Ropes

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Daniel Gonzalez (Calgary, AB, CA)

Awesome quality!


+Amazing package with great quality ropes
-A bit expensive
-shipping to Canada was a bit slow

Tim (Seattle, WA, US)
Beginner Jump Rope Bundle

Really happy with the three jump ropes. If I feel motivated, I can use all three
during the day. But they are a great stepping stone to something more difficult as time passes. Would recommend the bundle to anyone that wants to jump with confidence.

Baird (Whitehorse, YT, CA)
Great set

Good set of ropes, easy to use and adjust. Using the beaded ropes as a beginner makes a huge difference.

Joe S. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
Outstanding starter kit!

The ropes are great , the mat is a must have!
Phenomenal kit at this price point. It's a no brainier investment, into mind, body, and soul!