Why You Should Use a Weighted Jump Rope - Elite Jumps
A few years ago I started working for a jump rope company (this one). I hadn't picked up a jump rope since my grade school days,...
Dec 27, 2021Erisson Lima
5 Beginner Jump Rope Skills - Elite Jumps
It's inevitable that at some point in your jump rope journey you will want to channel your inner child and break out some fancy tricks or...
Dec 23, 2021Jordan Lindstrom
5 Beginner Double Under Jump Rope Skills - Elite Jumps
Despite what you might think, double unders are not just a cardio killer for the hardcore CrossFit athlete out there. You can also turn your double...
Dec 23, 2021Jordan Lindstrom
2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For the Athlete in Your Life - Elite Jumps
December is here; which means holiday shopping is in full swing. Finding the perfect gift for your friends, family and coworkers can be a daunting task....
Dec 03, 2021Jordan Lindstrom
The Cordless Jump Rope...The Secret Weapon for Jump Rope Training - Elite Jumps
by Matt Hopkins: Elite Jumps Founder What’s so special about the Cordless Jump Rope? It consists of a set of whiffle balls attached to two Spark handles...
Dec 03, 2021Erisson Lima
Which Jump Rope Social Media Accounts Should I Follow? - Elite Jumps
Regardless of the type of jump rope content you’re interested in, there’s a social media account or channel for you. Given how many accounts are out there, we figured we’d compile a list of our 10 favorite jump rope social media accounts to help you find the perfect one! Everything from jump rope instruction and beginner tutorials, to jump rope fitness, you can find on one of the accounts below.
Oct 26, 2021Jordan Lindstrom

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