Top 10 Jump Rope Tricks: Beginner to Advanced

Sep 23, 2022Devin Meek

We just finished wrapping up an incredible weekend!

If you didn’t know, this past weekend we held our very first Jump Rope Weekend.

We saw people from all around the world come together to share their passion for jumping rope (see a fun recap video from a couple that photographed the weekend). There were people who have been jumping rope for years and there were people who have just started on their journey, all together in one place.

It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Which inspired this post.

We know it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start if you just started jumping rope, or you may be an intermediate, looking for the next skill to master.

So today, we are going to give you a step-by-step progression guide of the top 10 best jump rope tricks you can learn – from beginner to advanced.

Give these tricks a try and let us know which tutorials you'd like to see next.

Before We Begin: Always Warm Up

Before any workout, it’s important to warm up - especially if you’re jumping rope.
Here is a quick "10 minute" jump rope workout with National Jump Rope Champion, Madeline Praye. A good warmup for exercise, or a quick sweat during break time.

Now, let’s dive into the jump rope tricks.


The first skill we are diving into are Skiers.

This is a two-footed hop from side to side, imagine you're jumping over a small log. Throughout the movement, your weight should be distributed evenly on the balls of both feet.


Think jogging on the spot.

Instead of jumping, you’re "stepping" over the rope in a marching motion, which allows you to move much quicker. Start slow and build your way up.


No jumping is required with this trick.

The Side Swing is the perfect move to transition between jumping rope and resting.

Bring both wrists together—not touching—in front of your body at hip level. Then, move your hands in a figure-eight motion to swing the rope from side to side. Simply swing the rope to either side of your body to maintain your rhythm between tricks.


This trick is a fun one.

To perform this trick, give yourself a big hug and jump at the same time!

While jumping in rhythm, cross your arms in front of your body and jump through the loop - then quickly bring your arms back by your waist, and jump over the rope again.

5. 360° Turn

Follow the swing around and up behind you, then bring the rope back down once you’re facing front. Jump over the rope as it contacts the ground.

Master this trick to impress your friends, family, and coworkers.

You'll probably even impress yourself.


This one has all the same elements of the traditional jump — only it’s doubled.

That means that the rope must pass under your feet twice every time you jump.

Keep your elbows tucked and your arms down by your side, and make sure to maintain high, vertical jumps without tucking your knees or feet.

For the sake of coordination, make sure you don’t kick your feet back underneath you.

Always keep a solid base and maintain a strong vertical alignment from head to toe.


 To perform the boxer step, you’ll begin by swinging the jump rope in front of your body toward the floor. When it travels under your feet and lands on the left side, your left leg should make the landing while the right leg touches.

When the jump rope moves to the right side, you do the opposite with your feet. By shifting your weight back and forth, you can even take some stress off your lower joints.


Keeping that same traditional stance and form in mind… begin with the rope behind you. As it passes over your head and toward your feet, kick one foot out like a mummy in the movies would walk.

This added emphasis on your quads and calves is just the right amount of spice to add to any basic routine.


If you’ve done any running or mobility work, chances are you’ve gone through high knees drills a time or two. That drill gets the heart racing and improves flexibility in your lower half.

Now, imagine doing that same drill with a jump rope, alternating the knee you bring up with each revolution of the rope.


The Caboose is a great way to change your rope’s direction mid-session.

While opening your legs into a straddle position, bring your arms up and around like a standard jump, then smack the rope to the floor. From there, align your handles with your feet and pull the rope between your legs.

Cross your arms beneath you, then flip your wrists to rotate the rope forward (this is where the directional change happens).

Jump over it while you crouch, then uncross your arms and pull the rope back out from beneath your legs to get back to a standing position.


Once you've learned these tricks string them along together for a spicy combo!


Remember, practice makes perfect.

As exciting as it all is, there’s no need to rush to advanced-level tricks at the start.

Stay consistent and use this progression guide to master each jump rope trick.

For more inspiration, tips, and tutorials, check us out on our YouTube channel.

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Happy jumping!

About the Author

Devin Meek is the Director of Education for Elite Jumps. He's been a jump rope entertainer for over eighteen years and is a three-time world champion competitive jumper. Devin travels the country sharing his passion for the sport, giving jump rope workshops to schools, CrossFit gyms, and corporate wellness programs.


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