5 Beginner Double Under Jump Rope Skills

Dec 23, 2021Jordan Lindstrom

Despite what you might think, double unders are not just a cardio killer for the hardcore CrossFit athlete out there. You can also turn your double under workout into a freestyle jump rope routine. Whether you're new to jump rope or have been jumping for years, eventually you'll need to master the double under and take your fitness to the next level. Unlock these five beginner double under skills to level up your jump rope game.

Nick Woodard, co-owner of Learnin' the Ropes, breaks down five double under skills in detail including:

  1. Double Under Open Cross
  2. Double Under Cross Open
  3. Double Under Side Open
  4. Double Under Side Cross
  5. Double Under 180º

We thought it made the most sense to demonstrate and teach these skills in a video. Watch the video below to get started.


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