St. Patrick's Day Irish Flag Limited Edition - Core 1" Beaded Jump Rope

"This is a great little jump rope. It comes with plenty of length and is easy to adjust to your size. The weight of the rope seems p...
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Freestyle & Tricks

This jump rope is also popular for learning freestyle tricks. The beads provide just the right weight for "feeling" the rhythm, which allows you to learn advanced skills more quickly.

  • Product Features


    St. Patrick's Day Limited Edition Jump Rope - Only 30 units available.

    This rope features 5"core handles, which are the right size and weight for releases and similar freestyle movements.

    Our ultra durable 1" beads give the rope great flexibility and weight distribution for freestyle tricks, and excellent feedback for developing a rhythm. Nail your movements and be confident your rope will last.

    Sizing: Easily adjust the length of this segmented jump rope. The 10' length will fit jumpers up to 6'4" tall. Shorten/resize the jump rope as needed by loosening the washer/tie on one end the handle, removing beads and cutting the excess cord.


    • Length - 10ft
    • Circa 100g in weight (or 3-3.5oz) dependent on the length it is shortened to.
    • Easy resizing by removing beads as needed.
    • Unbreakable plastic 5" handles (low-density, plastic polymer)
    • High quality shatter proof plastic beads.


      - Handles: unbreakable plastic polymer 5"" handle
      - Cords: 1/8"" Black Polyester Rope
      - Beads: Shatterproof beads backed by a 1-year warranty
      - Elite Jumps Velvet Bag

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    Core Beaded Jump Rope - Elite Jumps
    Core Beaded Jump Rope - Elite Jumps

    Don't Sweat It

    The sound feedback from the beads allows you to feel and quickly grasp the rhythm, helping you develop a jumping cadence and confidence swiftly and efficiently.

    Core Beaded Jump Rope - Elite Jumps

    Made to Last

    Unbreakable light weight plastic handles and shatterproof beads backed by a 1 year warranty.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 107 reviews
    Lauren (Calgary, AB, CA)
    Good feedback from rope and easy to adjust

    The weight of this rope provides the heft to provide meaningful feedback to the jumper, and I appreciated how easy it was to adjust. Plus, it’s a good-looking rope!

    VICTOR JARA (Fernando de la Mora, 11, PY)

    Hello I just got them in Paraguay. The ropes are amazing people love your ropes. My customers are happy with them

    Shawn Bernard Tan Liang Swee (C) 528558 (Singapore, SG)
    Easter Candy Beaded Rope

    Bought this for my wife. She loves it! Did her first crossover with it. We now have 10 Elite Jump ropes 🤣

    Frederick Allen (Dallas, TX, US)

    Do Hard Things® Beaded Jump Rope

    Lucy Juggles (Oakland, CA, US)
    Believe the hype

    Best jump rope I’ve ever used. Worth every penny.