Do Hard Things™ Fitness Training Jump Rope Set

"I’ve been using cheap 5mm solid vinyl jump ropes for a while. These ones are different. The handles are much better in hand. The cl...
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$ 30.00
$ 30.00
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    Develop your fitness and jump rope skill with this training set, which includes three different cord weights for increasing the difficulty and intensity of your workouts. 

    • 4mm Cord: This thinner, lighter cord is great for freestyle movements and double unders. If you are a beginner we recommend starting with the 5mm cord and working up to the 4mm when you have your timing down.
    • 5mm Cord: This is the standard recommended thickness for starting your training. Great for developing a rhythm. Best for cardio and fitness workouts.
    • 6mm Cord: This thicker, heavier cord creates more resistance for a more robust workout.
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      Custom Jump Ropes

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      they feel great so far!

      Maksym Neledva (Odesa, 51, UA)

      Do Hard Things™ Fitness Training Set

      Okimoto (Atlanta, GA, US)
      Quality jump rope set

      These handles are well-made, and cords are really good. I highly recommend these. Now, a bit more details....I have been using 6mm cords on short handles, and I still prefer those to long ones (I ordered the set with long handles this time). On the other hands, I like 5mm on long handles. I'm not a big fan of 4mm cords as these do not give me enough feedback. Having said that the quality is much better than other brands. The inner core prevents the cord from stretching, and this is a big plus. Cheap jump ropes do not have the inner core, and I can feel the cord stretching while jumping. I haven't seen any PVC jump rope better than ELITE SRS's.

      Pittman Shay (Las Vegas, NV, US)
      Google call tomorrow 11:45 AM

      Do Hard Things! Look forward to the call tomorrow

      Thanks Pittman

      Great product

      I love it